Stop the Pop & Fruit Drinks Too!

Study after study has shown that pop and fruit drink cause tooth decay. These drinks do not only provide sugar to bacteria, but also acid that cause tooth erosion. Erosion is the acid etching of our teeth that demineralizes and weakens our enamel.

A study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry, “found that people who drink sugar-laden soda and fruit juices have an increased risk for suffering dental erosion.” Furthermore,”Data on 3,773 adults was taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey 2003-2004 to assess the prevalence and severity of tooth wear. Researchers defined tooth wear as ‘wear on at least one surface of at least one examined tooth,’” revealing that 79 percent of participants “had experienced some level of dental erosion,” including 64 percent who suffered from “mild tooth wear,” 10 percent who suffered from “moderate tooth wear,” and five percent who suffered from “severe tooth wear.” Moreover, men were twice as likely to suffer dental erosion than women.

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Reducing our consumption of such drinks leads to not only a healthier smile but better overall health.

Pop & Fruit drinks tips

  1. Use a straw. The use of a straw helps divert contact of the soda against our teeth.
  2. Don’t sip.  Sipping pop through out the day increases our acidity level in our mouth and continues to feed bacteria in our mouth which in turn processes sugar and makes acid.
  3. Have water on handDrinking water in between drinking such drinks will help to dilute the acidity level in your mouth and wash off the sugar from your teeth.
  4. Wait to brush. Waiting a half hour to brush prevents you from brushing the acid into your teeth.

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