Refreshing and honest, with a

Refreshing and honest, with a little humor thrown in for good measure. I came to this office/practice really bummed out, thinking all my brushing, flossing – all the extra care I was trying to do as I got older—- (being a role model for my family- since I am the one who pushed good dental checkups-my husband cared less and never went to the dentist)— I was depressed about it thinking age was going to win and face it- fearful of doing all the dental work over again or being told/looked upon as a person in a degrading way. This office along with Dr. Senior and Junior Dahlquist- put me at ease and were willing to work with me and my family. They listened to me and did not pressure, and it was much appreciated. Thank you to all in this office for your caring ways.

Dannette Genasci

I just started going to

I just started going to see Dr. Dahlquist. I find the environment and the people very helpful and kind. I plan on being a loyal customer and would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to feel whole again. Like they have made me feel.

William mort

This was my first time

This was my first time at Dahlquist Dental and all of the staff were very welcoming! It had been awhile since I had been to the dentist, the hygienist made sure to explain each step of the way.

Ashley smith

The dentist that I had

The dentist that I had been going to for many years had retired, and I needed to find a new dentist. This is something that I had been dreading for a long time. I happened to give my nephew a ride to his dentist appointment one afternoon, and it was to Dahlquist Dental! I had many questions for my sister and her family! She told me that they had been going to Dr. Dahlquist for years. Needless to say, I made an appointment, and now, I am part of the Dahlquist Dental family. I say, “family” because I feel like I am walking into a “home” when I go to see them! They know me as soon as I walk into the office. I know all of them, too. It is obvious that both doctors are very well educated and quite knowledgeable in their field. Both are quite charming and kind, too. The hygienists are always friendly and professional. I do not hesitate to ask them questions either. Nancy has helped me numerous times with scheduling appointments and other questions. She is always delightful to talk to! I am so happy that I have Dr. Dahlquist and Dr. Ryan Dahlquist as my dentists. Thank you all for all that you do! I appreciate you!

Vita Osborn

I’ve been going to Dr

I’ve been going to Dr Dahlquist for a number of years and have always been very happy with the care we are given! Nancy is always very helpful in arranging and sometimes rearranging appointments for our busy family. The staff is always kind in taking care our needs or referring us if needed. We love our dental office!!!!

Kelly Engelhard

I have been going to

I have been going to Dr. Dahlquist since moving to Missouri. The staff is warm, welcoming and friendly. The dental care is top notch. Dr. Dahlquist even made himself available on a weekend for a dental emergency. Even though I moved a fair distance away, I will make the trip to Dr. Dahlquist’s office.

Katy Fleming

This is a high quality

This is a high quality general dental practice offering outstanding patient care by highly qualified professionals!
Dr. Dahlquist and Nancy have been my friends and dental home since the 1980’s. I trust them completely.

J. Ball

Have been going to Dahlquist

Have been going to Dahlquist Dental for quite a while. Dr. Dahlquist is a great dentist wouldn’t go anywhere else. Nancy is such an awesome person, and does an amazing job. They always ask about your family, and really care. Everyone that works their is welcoming and friendly. Definitely would recommend Dr. Dahlquist!!!

Mary Williams

My kids have been going

My kids have been going to Carl Dahlquist for five years now. The kids love him and are not afraid to go to the dentist, they look forward to. You couldn’t ask for a better dentist or staff. The staff is amazing.

Vanessa Williams

The entire office at Dhalquist

The entire office at Dhalquist Dental is phenomenal! I had to go through oral surgery, and was happy to have Dr. Ryan Dahlquist do the work. Dr. Carl Dahlquist was upfront, kind, and supportive as well. All the dental assistants, as well as ladies working the front desk, are top notch and dedicated to your comfort and health. Anybody finds Dhalquist Dental is very forturnate!

Shane J. Simone

Dr. Carl

I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Carl for a little over a year. He’s been nothing but gentle and educational. He makes sure you understand everything before he does anything. I came in with an old chipped filling and he took care of me immediately. If anyone needs a great dentist who cares about his patients Dr. Carl is the guy for you!!

Lacey Boyce


The dahlquist dental group provides quality care, concern, kindness. This group is trustworthy. Friendly and knowledgeable staff


Best dentist!

I have been going to Dr. Dahlquist since I was a kid. I now bring my family there. My kids actually like going to the dentist! Everyone there is personable and they provide excellent care.

Hannah Hancock

From the beginning

I’ve been going to Dr. Dahlquist since I was old enough to even go to a dentist. About 25 years now. We always drove from Olathe to Blue Springs but he and his staff always made it worth it! Just like catching up with an old friend.


30+ years of caring dentistry

have spent the last 30 years entrusting my family’s teeth to Dr. Dahlquist and his staff. I find him a gentle caring doctor who has our best interest in mind and treats our dental issues accordingly. He has earned my trust throughout all these years.

Clara Louise Jimerson

Like Seeing Family

I used to be a dental assistant for one of the best USC gradurltes in California, and after relocating to the Kansas City area, I tried to continue working in my profession. I was never able to assist another dentist for long. When I started having a bad toothache in 1983, I was convinced I would need a root canal and crown. A co-worker referred me to Carl Dahlquist, who could have solved my problem and stopped the pain with those procedures; but instead, he ruled out infection and decay, adjusted my bite and charged me a reasonable fee. Since then, I’ve received conservative, gentle dental work per the latest, permanent, pain-free methods, confident I’m receiving the best care in an extremely sterile environment.

Teresa Betonti

Trusted with our family’s dental care for over 30 years

Our first experience with Dahlquist Dental was when our 2 yr. old son had a dental emergency. They didn’t know us, but kept the office open late in order to treat him. Dr. D. is very good with kids and at putting everyone at ease. That was a long time ago when it was just he and Nancy but as they grow they continue to add friendly, capable and caring staff. They also keep up with latest procedures and technology to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. They have our highest recommendation!

Ray & Mary Postlethwait

Double D

Dahlquist and Dahlquist make us feel like family. We love to go to the dentist because of the trust that we have in their care. How oft does one say that about the Dentist? We recommend them to everyone.

Darrell Smith

Like Family

I’ve been coming to Dr. Dahlquist since I was 5. I’m 20+ years later and they’re still doing a great job and are always friendly and warm. You’ll get to know everyone on the team.

Blake Hicks

The Dahlquist family has been

The Dahlquist family has been my family’s dental provider for over two decades. Professional service, friendly staff and clean teeth bring us back every time. I highly recommend them!

Bryan S.

I have been going to

I have been going to this facility for 5 years. I have had great dental work and am very happy with the office and all who work there.

James Carver

25 years of exceptional care

My husband,son and myself have been patients for over 25 years with Dr.Dahlquist and Nancy. I remember when Nancy was the “jack of all trades.” Happy and smiling while assisting the doctor, scheduling appointments, answering the phone and hand writing ALL the billing!!It has been exciting to see the practice grow while keeping up with the new innovations and techniques. The staff has grown and are professional caring individuals who have our dental care in our best interest. They are very accommodating and bend over backwards to work with you when there is an emergency or any type of problem. Thank you Dahlquist’s Dental and staff. We continue to be very satisfied patients!

Laura Adlard

Dahlquist Dental does a good

Dahlquist Dental does a good job and has a very friendly environment. I’m not one for having a tooth yanked from my head on a daily basis, but if I were, it’d be at Dahlquist. Ryan took good care of me and got me squared away. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.

Adam Jones

My Favorite Dentist!

I was referred to Dr. Dahliquist by my husband when we were still dating. He had been going to Dahliquist since he was a toddler. Dr. Dahlquist and his staff are all amazing. Friendly, professional… I could go on forever. We are very happy here and wouldn’t think about leaving.

Callista Bond

Keep Smilin’

From the professional staff that greets you upon arrival to the care that the team provides is amazing. General cleanings to emergency visits they always are willing to work with everyones schedules! I’ve been going there for 20 years and now my kids see them.

Brent Smith


Thank you! Everyone in your office is so nice and pleasant!