Although we offer a wide variety of general and cosmetic dental services, we believe there is more to the dental experience than just the procedure itself. So, what other aspects really set Dahlquist Dental apart from other General and Cosmetic Dentists?

Spend less time waiting. Unlike many general and cosmetic dental offices, we choose not to double or even triple-book appointments. This approach assures that you’ll receive our undivided attention during each and every visit.

We have very high standards because we are genuinely passionate about servicing your oral health and dental needs. We work with only the very best dental laboratories and suppliers. We take extra time with each and every procedure to make sure it is done right, but more importantly, to make sure you are are comfortable and have time to ask questions.

We constantly strive to offer the best dental service in the Kansas City area. Our doctors strongly believe in continuing to expand their professional education to bring the latest and best dental techniques to their patients and routinely completes more than 5 times the required credit hours each year from the world’s top post-doctorate dental schools.