The use of sedation in dentistry has revolutionized the way patients view dental visits. Patients who once were afraid or anxious about even the most routine dental procedures now visit the dentist with confidence. Sedation is typically administered to healthy individuals who need help relaxing or managing treatment anxiety. Reasons for needing sedation may include lengthy procedure times, dental phobias, or fear caused by negative experiences in the past.

To better serve our patients, Dr. Ryan Dahlquist has undergone the special training needed to become certified in IV sedation. Also known as “moderate conscious sedation,” this technique allows medication to be administered directly into the bloodstream, where it’s more effective than medication taken orally and can be easily adjusted.

The advantage of this sedation dentistry technique is that the level of medication can be immediately increased if the patient is not sedated enough. Your vital signs will be continually monitored to ensure that you are relaxed throughout the dental procedure. You will be awake and responsive during your treatment, but in a deep state of relaxation and will probably not remember the procedure. Like standard sedation dentistry, IV sedation requires you to have a companion drive you to and from your appointment.

IV sedation is best for patients who experience moderate to severe dental anxiety.

If you live in the Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence or other Kansas City areas and might be a candidate for sedation dentistry, contact Dahlquist Dental today.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry of this type is completely safe. While you are sedated, we will be using our latest medical technology to monitor you. Additionally, we will have someone with you at all times to monitor your vital signs.

Our patients in Blue Springs and surrounding Kansas City areas have found that sedation dentistry can make complex, long, or painful dental visits a breeze, no matter how sensitive, squeamish, or fearful they are. Sedation dentistry allows us to easily treat your dental problems and release you to your companion with little or no memory of the visit.